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Transform your life with Bariatric Select. With over eleven years of experience in weight loss surgeries, our lead surgeon has done more than 2700 successful surgeries. Thus, say goodbye to obesity and welcome a newer you who is fit and more energetic. We can help you control your weight and save you from the complications through Mexico
weight loss surgery. It is quite
affordable and patient-friendly. Two to three nights stay in a 5-star hotel post surgery is included in the weight loss program.

Our patient coordinators are very much professional and provide you personalized care. Weight loss program provided at Bariatric Select consists of pre-op tests, hospital stay, 5-star hotel stays, the fees of the surgical team, medication charges, transportation
charges, aftercare support and nutritional program. It is a complete package of world-class treatment in an all-inclusive pricing. Getting rid of your excess weight through a magnificent program in which you are provided with post-op support for two years, can be really satisfying.

Our high-quality surgeries are affordable and come with various benefits which are not provided by most of the Bariatric surgery facilities. Even with good health insurance, you can’t expect such kind of perks which we are offering here in Mexico. Besides that, various options of weight loss surgeries you get here. Our team suggests the best possible weight loss program for you according to your body needs. Some of the programs that we offer to our patients are gastric sleeve, RNY gastric bypass, mini gastric bypass, duodenal switch, lap-band, and revision weight loss surgery. Many of you may have the doubts regarding the success rates and the post-op complications of such type of weight loss surgeries. Well, your concern is quite genuine, but we assure you of better results and clear out every single dilemma present in your mind regarding this surgery.

Results are good almost every time and patients suffer very few complications. It’s totally dependent on the individual’s health condition, their diet and exercise routine. Things remain transparent among doctors and patients so that they can have a minimal amount of trust on each other. We think that providing a healthier life for our patients is our duty and hence we work along with you throughout the process.

In order to know whether you are qualified for these types of Bariatric surgeries or not you can call us on our toll-free number 888-857- 3532. You may chat with us, email us or visit our local office. On our website itself, you can find out educational information regarding this surgery. People having type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, or other ailments can also be eligible for this surgery. For a free consultation, you can always call on our number or you can submit a query on our website.

We have all the answers to your questions and can help you in taking your life-changing decision. Helping you lead a normal, energetic and healthier life is what our team’s main goal. Take a step to a better life.

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