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How Are UK Medicines Imported and Delivered to Businesses?

Have you ever wondered how UK medicines are imported and delivered to those who need them? As news recently broke that medicines such as Viagra are now to be sold over the counter, rather than via prescription, itís good for businesses to be aware of the regulations and guidelines provided for their importation and delivery.

Here, youíll discover everything you need to know if your business is thinking of offering a medications service.

Why more medications are being sold over the counter

The decision to make prescription drugs such as Viagra, available over the counter is down to an increase in counterfeit medication. Patients who are suffering from a problem such as erectile dysfunction, may feel too uncomfortable to see a doctor. Some companies realise this and take advantage by offering counterfeit medications which donít require a prescription.

The trouble is, these counterfeit medications can prove harmful to the health. With no regulations in place, itís difficult to know exactly whatís in these medications and how they could negatively impact the health. So, to stop the problem in itís tracks, certain medications are starting to be offered over the counter.    

Understanding the importation guidelines

The government has a range of guidelines relating to the importation of human medicines. Thereís guidelines for both licensed and unlicensed products.

First and foremost, if you want to import medications for public sale, youíre going to need a wholesaler license. The type of license you need will depend upon where you want to import the medication from. If itís outside of Europe, youíll need a license which authorises imports. Both types of licenses are provided by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

If the medication contains a controlled substance, youíll also need to get in contact the Home Office. The guidelines for importing unlicensed medications in the UK are a little more complex. So, itís worth looking at the advice provided by the Government website.

Getting your medications delivered

Once youíve got the right licenses and youíre well-versed in the regulations surrounding the importation of medications, itís time to focus on delivery. Can you hire any courier to deliver your medications or do they too need a license?

It really depends upon the type of medications youíre selling. If theyíre licensed and they require little specialist handling, you can choose practically any courier. Some online pharmacies use postal services such as Royal Mail to send next day medications. So, if the medicines you sell donít need to be stored in specific temperatures or handled with extreme care, you can choose any major courier you prefer. However, itís always important to ensure the company is professional, friendly and renowned for its reliability such as TNT.

As you can see, if you plan on selling medications within the UK, there are guidelines you need to follow. However, provided you get the right license and understand the regulations 

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