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Are you thinking about Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery has become a popular means of correcting vision. Over 100,000 people a year in the UK elect to have their vision corrected through laser eye surgery.

If you are thinking about eye laser surgery there is a greater chance than ever before through Accuvision that a corrective laser eye surgery treatment plan can be developed that will help you with your future vision.

However, you have to be in the right mindset to consider laser eye surgery treatment.

Are you willing to undergo an elective surgical procedure?

Today, laser eye surgery is sometimes mentioned alongside cosmetic enhancements and treatments. Whilst the procedure itself takes a matter of seconds there are, as with all surgical procedures a very small but real risk of complications.

Could corrective laser eye surgery affect your career?

Some careers are still concerned about the potential effects of eye laser surgery. The armed forces in the UK still have reservations, whilst in the USA eye laser surgery has been approved for US Air force pilots.

Is laser eye surgery affordable?

Corrective laser eye surgery is not normally covered by medical insurance. There is much confusion about the cost of laser eye surgery. Unfortunately this has been brought about by ‘Bait and switch’ tactics used by clinics who advertise a low price of say, £395 per eye on TV to attract interest and then ask for well over £1,000 per eye at the consultation.

Many clinics apply ‘add on charges’ for aspects of the treatment plan like; wavefront and intralase rather than offering an inclusive price for a treatment that will give you the very best outcome possible.

Is your prescription stable?

There are a number of factors that affect the stability of your prescription. This is commonly called refractive instability and may delay your decision for laser eye surgery.

1. Up to the age of 20 years, an eye prescription could still be changing and so it is inadvisable to undergo eye laser surgery before the age of 20 years.

2. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding may have unstable vision at this time.

3. People whose hormones are altering due to diabetes or disease or if medication is being taken that has an effect on vision.

4. People who regularly participate in contact sports such as boxing, rugby, martial arts where jarring of the head is possible. Accuvision have developed a special corrective laser eye surgery treatment plan called Accuwave™ surface treatment that overcomes these problems.

5. People who have thin corneas. Accuvision have developed a special corrective laser eye surgery treatment plan to overcome the limitations of thin corneas.

6. People who have large pupils. Accuvision use a specially designed laser that is able to offer a much wider treatment zone, overcoming the side effects that some people with large pupils experience after laser eye surgery.

If any of the above applies, you may wish to discuss these with a consultant optometrist when you enquire about laser eye surgery.

More serious conditions that may prevent a person progressing to laser eye surgery include;

1. A disease or medication where the effects may inhibit wound healing such as; rheumatoid arthritis or lupus or HIV or diabetes. Some medications like; steroids may also prevent efficient healing after laser eye surgery.

2. Other conditions include; glaucoma, hypertension, dry eyes, inflammation of the eyelids, uveitis, iritis (inflammations of the eye), previous laser eye surgeries or shingles.

A clinic like Accuvision will make a thorough assessment of the condition of your eyes and then determine what is possible for your future vision. In many cases where people have been refused treatment at other clinics, Accuvision, because of its advanced technology and skilled surgeons will be able to provide a corrective laser eye surgery treatment plan for you.
Accuvision Ltd is the leading Laser Eye surgery clinic in the UK. It's dedicated team of optometrists and consultant laser eye surgeons are at the forefront of eyecare solutions and are best able to comment on developments in this important area of health.

Article By: John Andrews

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