Health & Fitness Weight Loss Say No To Crash Diet, Don't Let Your Health Crash Down!

Weight loss is perceived as an incredibly tough task by unfit and overweight people due to rigorous exercises and crash diet plans that are literally impractical to follow. In fact, crash diet plans do not help to achieve your wellness goals as it deprives your body of essential nutrients that are so critical to nourish our body. By following a crash diet plan, you are basically starving yourself and you may get weak instead of losing weight without compromising on your health. Yes, you do lose weight when on a crash diet but most of it is water weight.

There's a significant difference between a crash diet and Weight Loss Management Northridge. If there's one thing everyone avoids facing when seeking to lose weight, its crash diets and it's not hard to understand why. Crash diet intends to drastically cut down your meal portion so that your calorie intake comes down. But the problem is that in the process your body is also deprived of essential nutrients that help to keep your body in a good shape. As a result, you start to lose weight at the cost of your health and you develop weakness that may lead to serious health conditions such as diabetes, dehydration, heart disease, etc,. Would you like to reduce your weight temporarily at the risk of your health by depriving your body of essential nutrients, or would you like to get lean by replacing your unhealthy diet with a healthy and nutritious diet that helps you to lose weight without starving you? Of course, the popular answer will be a latter option and this is what makes a weight loss management program much healthier alternative to yo-yo diet.

The reason why weight loss achieved through crash diet is temporary is because as soon as you start to eat your normal diet again, your body stores all calories you intake out of the fear of losing them once again. That's why you need to adopt a good Weight Loss Management Northridge to ensure that you can sustain your weight loss over a period of time while your body is nourished with rich nutrients which help it to function optimally. Your weight loss management plan is formulated by an experienced and qualified health coach who evaluates your current diet plan to identify healthy and unhealthy foods and drinks, and replacing unhealthy diet with wholesome food that has a fine balance of protein, fibre, vitamins, carbs and minerals. All these components perform a double role inside your body- nourish it as well as burn your body fat to help get your desired body shape. Your body can't rely on protein to function well; it needs all of aforementioned nutrients that work in tandem to keep it working like a well-oiled machine. In absence of any one nutrient, your body's functionality is bound to get affected.

When your body will get all the nutrients it needs through healthy diet and shakes, your body starts to burn fat, build lean muscle and faster metabolism so that we can enjoy an overall good health.

Article By: John Tartol

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