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Are you pregnant or planning to get pregnant? If you quit smoking now, you can improve your health and protect your baby. Here are 50 reasons good reasons why you should be smoke free during pregnancy.

1. It's the best single thing I can do for the health of the baby
2. I'll be healthier during and after pregnancy
3. My baby is less likely to be born prematurely
4. I'll reduce the risk of stillbirth and cot death
5. I'll score one against the habit
6. I don't like being addicted and I don't want my baby to be addicted
7. To have more energy during pregnancy and strength for labour
8. I'll be so proud of myself
9. I'll be more kissable
10. Thousands of women stop smoking when they are pregnant and so can I
11. I want to be a good role model for my children
12. My family and friends will be proud of me
13. I'll enjoy the pregnancy more
14. I'll have more fitness to play, dance, walk and swim
15. I'll have fewer complications at the birth
16. There's a stop smoking clinic to give me help and support
17. I'll reduce the risk of bleeding
18. I'll have less morning sickness
19. The baby will be a better weight and a healthier baby
20. I won't expose the baby to 4000 chemicals with every puff
21. I want to be a pregnant ex-smoker
22. I am tired of wanting to quit
23. There's no time like the pregnant to quit
24. My baby deserves it
25. I'll have more vitamins and nutrients for our health
26. The baby will be more content after birth
27. The child will develop and grow better
28. There's support and help nicotine replacement products to help ease the cravings
29. My breast milk will be free of chemicals and poisons
30. My friends will stop going on at me
31. I don't want my children to start smoking
32. I want to live longer to see my children and grandchildren grow up
33. I'll be less likely to suffer cancers, strokes and heart disease
34. I'll be less likely to suffer from osteoporosis, premature ageing and strokes
35. I want to protect the baby and my family from second hand smoke
36. My teeth with be whiter and my gums healthier
37. I'll have more money to spend on things for the baby
38. There are helplines I can call to talk to a counsellor
39. I don't want wrinkles until I'm a granny
40. I'll be more attractive without a cigarette
41. I want to be in control of my life
42. The baby's clothes, toys, cot and pushchair won't smell of smoke
43. I won't get dirty looks from people when I light up
44. I'll stop kidding myself that cutting down is OK
45. The doctor, midwife and consultant will be so pleased and they are there to help and support me
46. My partner will stop if I do
47. Having a baby is a new start
48. I can get through today - never mind about tomorrow
49. I have a plan ready for if and when things get hard
50. If I stay stopped, the baby will be less likely to have chest infections, ear infections and asthma

You can do it!

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GaurawFriday, October 23, 2009

Thanks for sharing.I appreciate your work.Your article would motivate women to avoid smoking during pregnancy.

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