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The average woman spends over 3200 hours getting ready in her lifetime. Whether this is putting on make-up, getting changed or straightening or curling hair, the average woman is spending a lot of time making herself look beautiful when there are plenty of other ways she could be spending that time. Over two thirds of women said that they found getting ready to be a chore rather than something they enjoy. While people will always have to spend time choosing clothes and getting dressed, there is a way that women could half the time they spend getting ready. Affordable plastic surgery is now easier to find and more effective than it has ever been before.

While full face lifts may be the most talked about kind of facial surgery, there are plenty of operations a woman can have without having to alter all of her face. For example, blepharoplasty is surgery on the eyelids. Many women spend a lot of time on eye makeup, using a combination of eye-shadow, eye-liner and mascara to make their eyes stand out as much as possible. Eyelid surgery can be used to remove ‘bags’ under the eyes, which many women feel make them look older and more tired. The surgery improves the puffiness of the area beneath the eyes to make the skin look younger and fresher. This surgery is simple and affordable and can save women a lot of time as their eyes will look fresh and young every day, with or without make-up.

Another way of making the face look younger is to have a forehead lift, sometimes known as a brow-lift. Some people have a brow-lift because the skin on their brow droops so much that it begins to obstruct vision and become a problem. Others have a brow lift because they feel that their ‘worry lines’; the wrinkles on their forehead; are unsightly and cause them to look unhappy or tired all of the time. A brow-lift is another simple procedure that a man or a woman can have to help them feel happier about their face and save them time each morning.

If a person is completely unhappy with their face they may choose to have a full face lift to tighten all of the skin and reshape their face completely. However, if a person only wants to change certain parts, such as their eyes, nose or mouth, they can seek cosmetic surgery advice and find out what will be the best way to help them find their perfect face.

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