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Black toenail fungus is a contagious condition that irritates you a lot. This can affect your self-esteem and then prevent you from engaging in some social activities. This is characterized by its unpleasant appearance and odor. It may also happen due to some activities like going to swimming or using public changing rooms.

Black toenail fungus is common especially among people with other conditions such as type 2 diabetes. You may get infected even if you walk barefoot in places. However, there are some common symptoms and causes of black toenail fungus. You can have a look at the common symptoms of black toenail fungus. 

Symptoms of Black Toenail Fungus:

When black toenail fungus takes place then the nail appears to be blue, purple and then blackened. The skin of the nail becomes blue in color and then deep purple and then black due to the injury or the blood vessel breaks and the blood blister beneath the nail. Generally, the nail becomes falls off when the new nail in the end grows and it further takes place after three to four months.

How to Treat Black Toenail Fungus With Some Home Remedies:
You can get rid of black toenail fungus with some effective home remedies that can be seen below. Have a look at them one by one:

Remedy #1: Oregano Oil
Oregano oil contains so many properties where some of them are same as the tea tree oil. You can make the same paste with oregano oil or apply it to your toenail fungus affected area directly. If you want oregano oil to be effective to cure toenail fungus then you will be required to give it at least 30 minutes to work. Apply this paste for 30 minutes twice a day for some regular days to get better results.

Remedy #2: Urea Paste
Some urea paste like Gormel Crème can help you dissolve the diseased portion of a nail while leaving the healthy part intact. Once the paste is dissolved, you can then follow with an antifungal cream like Miranel. However, it is quite vital to be sure to check with a dermatologist or podiatrist before you start this treatment.

Remedy #3: Baking Soda with Hydrogen Peroxide
Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide helps to make your teeth whiter and your toenails pinker. You can mix a small amount of baking soda of 1 tablespoon with 2 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. This can be done to make a baste. After this, apply this mixture directly to the toenail fungus area with complete focus on the edges and the nail bed if exposed. When you apply this paste, you will see that the paste will start to bubble. This thing is quite normal when there are fungi and bacteria being killed by this application. 

As already mentioned, black toenail fungus is a contagious condition that irritates you a lot. However, there are some essential home remedies for black toenail fungus. Such home remedies can be very effective and easy to apply and you can see its results after applying it for some regular days.

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