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Every woman at a certain age starts to think how to stop the process of aging and stay young and beautiful for longer. Modern cosmetology offers many procedures to preserve woman's beauty and youth without surgery. One of them is laser peeling. With the help of this procedure one can remove dead skin layers, at the same time the cells are stimulated to produce collagen. After the procedure, the skin becomes more supple and young, the circulation of blood is restored, and the capacity for regeneration is increased by 30%. Laser peeling improves the complexion, removes wrinkles and enlarged capillaries, tightens facial contours.

Face laser peeling is a kind of stress for the skin, which gives cells new powers. It is an excellent alternative to surgery. Experts recommend doing it as soon as you are 25 years old. The procedure is carried out with the help of erbium and carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers. The first is used in cases when the depth of laser penetration is minimal. High laser resolution can remove the epidermis layers of microns thickness. The second type of laser is used for deep peeling. Laser peeling can be performed even around the eyes and lips, where the skin is very sensitive, and on the neck.

During the procedure both hot and cold methods of laser peeling are used. When a cold laser peeling is used, layers are removed one after another without heating the underlying layers. Hot laser peeling can exfoliate cells by heating the lower layers. This not only rejuvenates the skin, but also stimulates the metabolism. The overall effect of hot laser peeling is more stretched over time, as compared to cold peeling technique, but it is much stronger and grows within 2-3 months after peeling.

The procedure does not require general anesthesia, so the observation in the hospital is not required. Laser peeling is performed under local anesthesia, and full rehabilitation takes around 7-10 days. All this time the patient spends at home, under the doctor's observation. No pain is felt. After the procedure the skin anesthetic is used, and the patient goes home safely. Care after a laser peeling does not require special knowledge and skills.

The consequences of a laser peeling are temporary skin redness and small swelling. One can also feel some itching, since the skin will be healing. On average it can last for 2-5 days, but in some cases the redness is seen up to 2-3 weeks. The results of laser peeling are great and they are visible for about 5 years. Feedback from patients is the most positive, since it is the safest method for skin rejuvenation. Those patients who did laser peeling at least once, return to repeat the procedure and advise the procedure to their friends.

In addition to surface peeling in-depth peeling procedure exists. In this procedure, the CO2 laser penetrates much deeper and removes thicker layers of the skin, so the healing is much longer - 3-4 months. Higher is the risk of complications: the clear distinction between natural and peeled skin may be visible.

In order to conduct a deep laser peeling of the face one should have a serious reason, doctor's consultation and expert's conclusion. In the case of this procedure general anesthetic is used, so remaining in the hospital for some time is obligatory for a patient. The results of this type of laser peeling can be observed only after 4-6 months. The consequences of a laser peeling may occur in the form of redness, small scars or pigmentation.

As every medical procedure, laser peeling has its contraindications. Before the procedure your doctor must acquaint you with them and tell more details about the process itself. If you think of laser peeling, make sure that you are not suffering from neoplasms, diabetes, epilepsy, cardiovascular diseases. Laser peeling is not recommended for pregnant women or nursing mothers. In addition to all this, herpes, pustules, predisposition to keloid cicatrixes and other skin diseases may also be contraindications for deep laser peeling.

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