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When you want to lose weight or to eliminate certain food items or food groups from your day-to-day diet you have to be good at controlling the way in which you think about such food. A good mental strategy towards your eating plan and diet is required.

If you watched the movie "Five Year Engagement" you might have noticed the reference to the "Marshmallow Experiment" and then the subsequent testing of these research findings with stale donuts. The marshmallow experiment was conducted by Walter Mischel of Stanford University and basically tested a child's ability to delay gratification.

In brief, each child was told that they could have one marshmallow now or two later if they were able to wait. They were left in a room with a marshmallow in front of them. Some children simply ate the marshmallow immediately. Others tried a variety of strategies in their attempt to wait. About a third of the 600 children who were tested successfully delayed their desire for gratification.

Walter Mischel later discovered that those children who had been successful also performed better in their SAT tests years later. Thus a link between displaying an instinctive ability to find a strategy to delay gratification and that of success in later life can be seen.

How can this information help you to develop a good strategy towards losing weight or curbing cravings? It appears that possibly one third of us have a natural ability to find a good coping strategy whilst the rest of us find the task a little more difficult.

But just because something does not come naturally to us does not mean that it is not possible. In fact, our brains have a wonderful and natural element of "plasticity" and we can learn new mental abilities on a continuing basis. All we have to do then is to become aware of the mental strategies used by those who are successful in delaying gratification, and then copy them.

That probably sounds too simple, but it really is a simple task. Your attitude, your mental strategy upon embarkation of a task is a very accurate predictor of your outcome. With the right attitude you will achieve the desired outcome.

When it comes to dieting or losing weight we almost all know what we need to do. The problem occurs in not knowing how to put that knowing into successful action.

Hypnosis is a very helpful tool when you want to focus your mind in a new direction or to adopt a new mental strategy. Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation that allows you to at the same time access your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is where your automatic and instinctive thoughts and behaviors are stored.

Thus with hypnosis you can find a way to unlock the door to your instinctive behaviors and insert new, refreshing and successful mental strategies therein. You can in this way adopt a successful mental strategy towards food or food groups and find an easy way to achieve your goals and ambitions.

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