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As soon as you think you shouldn't do something you feel an inexorable pull towards the very thing that you are trying to avoid. It is an inevitable fact of life due to the way in which your mind works.

Thus, whenever you either want to lose weight or avoid certain food types for varying reasons you most often find that your mind becomes fixated with those foods. It often seems that the end result is that you crave and eat those foods more than before and an opposite effect happens than that which you set out to achieve.

This, needless to say, can be an incredibly frustrating experience. The harder you try to not do whatever it is the more you want to do it and a tough battle ensues.

The person involved in this tussle ends up coming to one of two conclusions. Either they decide that they have no will power at all and simply cannot stop thinking about food or eating those food types, or they take a step back and decide that their must be a different way in which to tackle the issue.

Thus if you do manage to stick to your plans and avoid those foods you will usually find that you are the exception to the rule. Hence when I went to see my doctor about a high cholesterol issue, she was very surprised that I had stuck to a different eating plan and reduced my LDL cholesterol level significantly.

The "wanting what you shouldn't have" syndrome is actually only a symptom of the way in which you are thinking and focusing. If you were to turn your thoughts around and think instead about what you do want (to be slim, fit or healthy) this change of focus makes your goals far more easily achievable.

How you think, and the emotions that your thoughts elicit, powers the way in which you act. When you think about the things you are meant to avoid, your emotions inevitably become focused upon wanting exactly those things that you are not meant to have. If you alternatively think about what you really, really want and focus closely upon being fit, healthy and well, then the associated emotion drives you towards that goal.

I frequently find myself marveling over the fact that rather than learning new ways of eating, what is more important is actually learning how to think differently.

Thoughts create emotions that in turn trigger actions. These days, most of us know what we should be eating and the food groups that are considered good, bad or indifferent. Fewer of us know how to control our thought processes, and these are relevant to everything in life, not just diet.

Hypnosis is a great tool to employ when you want to step back and see things from a different angle. Hypnosis allows you to relax and refocus, as well as to access your inner thought and habit processes. If you really want to think about things differently or change any habits you will undoubtedly find the process easier with the help of hypnosis.

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