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If you want to lose weight quickly and permanently then you must increase the metabolism, this is by far the fastest way to weight loss success. If you have any doubt about this and believe it has more to do some miraculous diet then just think about those thousands of super lean bodybuilders who have developed an incredibly fast metabolic rate. Some of these guys try hard to actually GAIN weight and often need to eat huge quantities of food to overcome the rapid metabolism!

The trouble for dieters is many fad diets on the market actually cause the metabolism to slow down, and a lowered metabolism is very often the reason weight loss progress grinds to a sudden halt. As weight loss slows a dieter may reduce food intake further, but this still has no affect on progress because the net loss of protein continues to lower the metabolism and the body once again adapts to the low calorie intake. Also attempting exercise in order to increase the metabolism at this stage may actually make it worse.

Permanent fat loss will occur if the metabolism is increased beyond normal!

It’s a physiological fact that when losing weight we also lose protein from our muscles, the quicker the weight loss the greater the loss of protein. Because there is less intake of protein due to following a diet, the protein from muscles is broken down and used for energy, and/or used to create new proteins required by the immune system. The trouble for the dieter is a net loss of protein will always decrease the metabolism.

As protein is lost from cells it gradually lowers the total lean body weight, this affects the body composition and lowers the metabolism. Because of this process we gradually require fewer calories to maintain weight so if the present diet is continued weight loss will eventually stop, in fact it’s even possible to slowly GAIN BACK WEIGHT that was previously lost if a dieter religiously sticks to a very low calorie diet!

Increase the metabolism for less chance of water loss!

The greater the loss of protein from muscle the more fluid is lost because protein holds around four times its weight in water. Thus if you lose weight quickly in the first few weeks then it must be mostly a loss of fluid. If someone lost 5 pounds in the first week, for it to be all fat loss it would require a deficit of 17500 calories. To reach that kind of energy deficit in that space of time would require constant exercise, so how could all this weight possibly be fat. In fact over a week only about 1 pound of the 5 pounds lost would be fat, the rest would be mostly water!

Protein and its fluid replacement is the main reason many dieters regain weight after a diet. Again, think about that 5 pound loss explained in the last paragraph, now imagine that person regained 4 pounds of his weight loss within the next week, then if it was fat loss it mean he must have eaten an excess of 14000 calories!

An increase in the metabolism would result in a GAIN of fluid thus weight loss would be more gradual. This is one reason for the recommended weight loss of 1 – 2 pounds per week. By increasing the metabolism you are giving the body a need to hold onto protein thus less water is lost.

Even if more exercise is undertaken a net loss of protein can occur if calorie intake is too low.

Remember dieters reduce their calorie intake but exercise uses extra carbs so the body must breakdown extra protein to convert into carbohydrates. More carbs are needed because a less fit individual often has an untrained cardiovascular system and cannot supply enough oxygen for cells to burn fat for energy during the exercise.

Exercise will increase the metabolism but the trick for unfit/overweight individuals is to perform the correct exercise for their specific body type, and not cut calories too much or too soon. To lose FAT weight fast the best way is to prepare the body by increasing the metabolism BEFORE cutting back on calories, this method enables your body to establish a major fat burning energy metabolism without too much protein metabolism.

An increase metabolism provides many benefits to help maintain continuous and permanent weight loss:

less exercise would be needed - giving you more time

less effort if you did exercise - no need to try burning lots of calories during each session!

less chance of weight regain later

still enjoy some favorite foods - no need to be as strict on the diet

less time spent preparing low / non fat recipes and meals

save money from not needing to buy all the expensive low fat varieties

higher percentage of fat loss over fluid loss

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