India still now remains a developing country. Though it is said to be developing, the increasing population and corruption is so very prevalent that its growth and development is gradually suppressed. Children and even many grown-ups often become victims of malnutrition or under-nutrition today. They fail to get proper balanced diet to cater to the proteins, vitamins, minerals and fats required by their body. These mainly result in underweight, improper functioning of muscles and thus their body becomes susceptible to many fatal diseases.

On the contrary, being obese is also not a good syndrome at all. Human beings, be it men or women, must keep a note on their weight. Sometimes they, especially men, need to gain muscles and gaining weight is also demanded by both underweight women and the men who are eager to join scout, athletics, swimming or other fields where they can go for gaining weight. There are many medical supplements available in the market to gain weight and muscles.

Some of the well known muscle gain supplements are as follows:
  1. Promass: one tub of this supplementary food contains over 90 servings and works out at just 64p per drink. It uses a blend of casein, which gradually drip-feeds protein, which fuels muscles instantaneously. This promotes muscle growth and improves athletic performance.
  2. Progain: This is mainly for weight lifters. It promotes quick and efficient growth of muscles. It contains protein, carbs and creatine.
  3. Protein fuel 25: this is mainly for shake-haters. It is simply milk like which comes in strawberry, chocolate and various other delicious flavours.
  4. Big 100 colossal: this is a cookie crunch containing 32 gram protein and 13 gram healthy fats to increase the level of muscle building testosterone.

Similarly there are many weight gain supplements available. They are as follows:
  1. High quality protein powder: it helps in increasing muscle mass and helps in faster natural metabolism.
  2. Creatine: this weight gainer supplies your body with the high energy originator that helps generate ATP during strong and powerful physical activity.
  3. Waxy maize: After each and every workout, it is essential to consume quick digesting carbohydrates to pierce insulin levels and saturate muscle glycogen storage. This will pent up the reclamation process since these fast consuming carbohydrates help transport the protein and amino acids to the muscle tissues, making sure that that you recover faster, at the same time, growing your strength and size.
  4. Leucine: this shall also help to gain weight, become stronger and healthier faster. It is a branched chain of amino acids which plays a major role in the process of wear and tear of muscle tissues.

Cytosport creatine, Optimum nutrition BCAA 5000 powder, Optimum nutrition serious mass are also some of the top supplements that help in gaining weight.
Individuals should keep in mind that natural processes are the best methods of gaining weight and building muscles. Though the above products are medically tested and proven to be free of side- effects, still the following is mandatory in the daily routine:

  • A heavy exercise to stimulate muscle cells, gives a proper shape to the body, reduce fat and stay healthy.
  • A high calorie diet plan.
  • Consuming top quality dietary supplements.

Article By: Raman Mathur

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