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Pioneering Operating Room Technology…

Over 1.4 million people worldwide are reported to be suffering from Hospital Acquired Infections. Alarming figures for India is over 25 % of patients admitted in hospitals.
Globally there is growing concern over Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) and the number of deaths attributed to such infections that are potentially preventable. There is a need for stern action and stringent measures in developing countries like India if the mortality rate attributed to avoidable causes has to come down. Most developing countries have more or less similar standards of infection control figures.

The recent spread of NDM-1 (New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase-1) has added to the fray. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines an HAI as “a localized or systemic condition resulting from an adverse reaction to the presence of infectious agent(s) or its toxin(s).” HAIs include surgical site infection (SSI), catheter associated bloodstream infection (CABSI), catheter associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI) etc.

In order to minimize the incidence of HAI not only the sterile approaches followed by clinicians enough but also the environment they work should be clean.

The operating theatre department is a complex area in the hospital, and significant challenges are encountered in the co-ordination of M&E services such as HVAC, Medical Gas Piping, selection of the right materials during constructions or renovations. At the same time, the planning of an operating theatre department of a hospital requires a detailed understanding of staff work flow and patients’ movement. Only then, the design can be certain of having the best possible floor-layout and an optimal working environment for the hospital staff, the highest levels of staff and patient safety, and savings on operating-costs over time.

As a highly specialized medical engineering turnkey builder, Trivitron is thoroughly familiar with these challenges and their solutions. We provide not only a highly efficient functional and ergonomic environment, but also equipment and finishes of the highest quality and standards.

Trivitron Healthcare has come up with Ultra Clean solutions. Today, Trivitron Medical Technologies not only offer modular and mobile health care solutions but also offers a range of products including Guided Air Flow OT's, Laminar Flow OT's, Pendants & many other turn- key concepts and it spans more than 19 years of innovation during which it has helped make positive differences in the lives of patients and caregivers.

As a thumb rule operation theaters in addition to maintaining a sterile air flow, also have to choose right material / concept for the design / construction. That’s why we call our OTs as Ultra Clean Operation Theaters where the heart of the system is Guided Air flow system which is a patented, Energy efficient, low flow, 3 Dimensional Clean Air flow delivering system having proven design & practical advantages than the conventional air flow systems that can efficiently control the Colony Forming Unit down to 10 cfu/m3 within the wound area.

Even though different solution available for Walls and Floors; anti bacterial, impact proof, scratch proof High Pressure laminates (HPL) -for the walls- and Anti static, conductive Vinyl- for flooring- are the best. Pendants with a range of customized designs not only ease the work flow inside the OT but also provides effective space management, equipment and services management that includes electrical points, Medical Gases, Data points etc.

Johnson Trivitron’s Guided AirflowTM ventilation system is designed so that the airflow is guided throughout the operating theatre. This is to ensure that bacterial-transport particles are being controlled carefully during surgery. Hence, the infection rate, which is of paramount importance in any surgical room, is significantly reduced.

Hence our focus is providing a clean, safer and sterile healthcare environment for the needy patients by enhancing the chances of an early recovery and minimizing the chances of an infection.

Johnson Medical offers turnkey solution to serve the needs of various hospitals and healthcare facilities. As such, the Johnson Medical Surgical Unit solution includes the consultation on planning, design and construction of the entire operating theatre complex with integrated medical equipment and healthcare facilities, in which it is able to cater for customers’ unique needs on M&E services such as HVAC, medical gas system, Pendants, Lights and so forth. Our design and planning adheres to stringent requirements for operating theatres as governed by the international standards including HTM 2022 and ASHRAE.

Author: Sibu George, National Manager, Trivitron Healthcare.

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