PERCOM Launches its EMT Basic CAST Marathon Program Internationally

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PERCOM Launches its EMT Basic CAST Marathon Program Internationally. Get your NREMT EMT Basic Certification in as little as 10 days of Live Training. Open Enrollment has begun.

PERCOM the global leader in online EMS Education is pround to offer this International Package to students worldwide. International students now have the opportunity to complete their EMT Basic Education online with a minimal amount of Live Training.

Students enrolled in PERCOM's Online EMT Basic CAST Marathon Course will have the opportunity to complete all didactic work, including the Final Exam, in the online environment. The CAST Marathon EMT Basic Class is Open Entry/Fixed Exit. This means the EMT student will begin the course when they register and they will finish when they complete their CAST Marathon Clinical Sessions. These sessions will be scheduled when the EMT student enrolls and will allow the EMT student a minimum of 4 months to complete their online EMT course. This EMT Online Course offering from PERCOM has limited space available for each session and is offered on a first come first serve basis.
The online portion of the EMT Basic course has some prerequisites and system requirements. You should view them at PERCOM's website to ensure you have the necessary equipment and software. The course is structured to allow the EMT student to progress at their own pace. There are homework assignments and 4 Research Exams that the student must complete before the student is allowed to take the Final Exam. There are online instructor/student chatrooms held weekly where students participate in a scenario based chat session. In the chatroom the students also have the opportunity to ask the instructor about material they do not understand.

The CAST Marathon Sessions are located in the Katy TX area, a suburb of Houston. The Exit Sessions last three days and are where you get your hands on skills training. After you have practiced the various skills on the first two days, you will be tested on them on the third day. The testing day incorporates scenario based skills examinations where you will be extricating a patient from a vehicle and using all of the skills that you have learned.

The EMT Student clinical rotations will begin immediately following the Exit Session. The Clinical Rotations consist of four 12 hour days with an EMS service and two 12 hour days in a hospital Emergency Room. In the Emergency Room the EMT Student will be interacting with patients, taking vital signs and patient histories, and assisting the ER staff to the level at which the student has been trained. During the EMS rotations the EMT student will be riding along with Certified EMT's and Paramedics, learning from their expertise. The EMT student must have a minimum of 4 patient transports during their EMS clinicals. The Clinical Sessions are scheduled for 7 days to allow the student the opportunity to do an extra EMS shift in case they don't get the minimum number of Patient Transports.

This makes the total amount of time needed to complete the CAST Marathon Session component of the course 10 days. Currently CAST Marathon Sessions take place in August, November, February and May. Please view our Calendar for the Exact Dates of the Sessions. There is limited enrollment for this program, so please contact us before registering to insure we have a slot available for you.
The cost of the program includes full tuition, a new copy of our recommended textbook, Round Trip airfare from anywhere in the continental US and most locations in Alaska, Hawaii,Canada, Mexico, and Europe, Lodging and Ground Transportation.

Attention Active Duty Military (including activated Guardsmen and Reservists) and DoD Employees and their spouses. Percom has funding options that may pay for the cost of your course.

The EMT Basic CAST Marathon Program is just on of the Courses offered at PERCOM. Online EMT Basic, online EMT Intermediate/Advanced and Online Paramedic Courses are also offered. Check out PERCOM on the internet.

Source: Medical PressReleasePoint

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