Fascial Nerve anatomy

this diagram displays the course and branches of the fascial nerve

1. fascial nerve nucleus
2. internal auditory meatus
3. small superfascial petrosal nerve
4. tympanic plexus
5. chorda tympani
6. communication to auricular branch of vagus
7. posterior auricular nerve
8. communication to glossopharyngeal nerve
9. nerve to post. belly of digastric
10. nerve to hyoideus muscle
11. styloid process
12. tympanic branch of fascial nerve
13. small deep petrosal nerve
14. facial canal
15. geniculate ganglion
16. external superficial petrosal nerve
17. great superficial petrosal nerve
18. foramen lacerum
19. foramen rotundum
20. maxillary nerve
21. sphenopalatine ganglion
22. vidian nerve
23. great deep petrosal nerve
24. middle meningeal artery
25. foramen ovale
26. otic ganglion
27. spine of sphenoid
28. communication from auriculotemporal nerve
29. communicating branch with auricular branch of glossopharyngeal
30. lingual nerve

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