Lung anatomy (lung lobe anatomy )

this image shows the anatomy of the surface of the lungs (right and left ) (medial and lateral surfaces)

8. Base of lung
9. Apex of lung
10. Costal surface Facing ribs
11. Medial surface Facing mediastinum
12. Vertebral part Facing vertebral column
13. Mediastinal part
14. Cardiac impression
15. Diaphragmatic surface
17. Anterior border
18. Cardiac notch
19. Inferior border
20. Hilum of lung
21. Root of lung
22. Lingula of left lung
23. Superior lobe (upper lobe)
24. Middle lobe (only on right)
25. Inferior lobe (lower lobe)
26. Oblique fissure
27. Horizontal fissure of right lung

* 144.30 Main bronchus
* 152.23 Pulmonary ligament
* 190.14 Right pulmonary artery
* 190.29 Left pulmonary artery
* 230.2 Pulmonary veins

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