Pelvis anatomy

this image shows the pelvis from anterior view in vertically sectioned pelvis

1. peritoneum
2. peritoneal pelvic space
3. subperitoneal pelvic spaces
4. superior fascia of pelvic diaphragm
5. inferior fascia of pelvic diaphragm
6. rectum
7. iliac muscle
8. iliac fossa
9. obturator fascia
10. levator ani muscle
11. obturator internus muscle
12. pudendal canal
13. external anal sphincter muscle

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Comments On Pelvic girdle anatomy (1)

eve iiyamboMonday, April 18, 2011

ur pic is realy luking s smrt snc itz make more of some labbelng en differentiate between male en female pelviic girdle.keep up the good job.

Thank you for your feedback
This will be surely taken in consideration Staff....

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