Female pelvic nerves and vessels

this image shows the pelvic arteries , veins and nerves in relation to each other and to the surrounding structures in the female pelvis region

1. ischial tuberosity
2. superfaicial transverse perineal muscles
3. urogenital diaphragm
4. posterior labial nerve
5. isciocavernous muscle
6. posterior labial artery
7. bulbospongiosus muscle
8. urethral opening
9. labium minus
10. vestibular bulb
11. vestibular bulb vein
12. dorsal nerve of clitoris
13. internal pudendal nerve
14. perineal branches of posterior femoral cutaneous nerve
15. inferior clunial nerve
16. pudendal nerve
17. internal pudendal artery
18. perineal nerves
19. inferior rectal nerves
20. levator ani muscles
21. external anal sphincter
22. anococcygeal ligament
23. anococcygeal arteries and nerves
24. inferior clunial nerve
25. perineal nerve
26. inferior rectal artery
27. internal pudendal vessels
28. gluteus maximus muscle

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