Pelvic bone and ligaments anatomy

this image shows the boundaries of the pelvic area formed of the pelvic bones and ligaments

1. iliolumbar ligament
2. iliac crest
3. fifth lumbar vertebra
4. sacral promontory
5. anterior superior iliac spine
6. inguinal ligament
7. sacrospinous ligament
8. greater trochanter
9. iliofemoral ligament
10. lesser trochanter
11. forth lumbar vertebra
12. iliolumbar and ventral sacroiliac ligaments
13. sacrum
14. iliopectineal arch
15. iliofemoral ligament
16. obturator canal
17. obturator membrane
18. greater sciatic foramen
19. sacrospinous ligament
20. sacrotuberous ligament
21. lesser sciatic foramen
22. ischial tuberosity
23. ischiofemoral ligament
24. intertrochanteric crest
35. pubofemoral ligament

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