Bones of the lower limb

this image shows the bones of the lower limb from anterior,superior and posterior view

showing: "anterior view"
1. greater trochanter of the femur bone
2. femur bone
3. patella
4. lateral epicondyle of the femur
5. lateral condyles
6. tibia
7. fibula
8. medial maleolus of the tibia
9. lateral maleolus of the fibula
10. medial epicodyle
11. medial condyles

showing: "superior view of the foot"
1. calcaneus bone
2. talus bone
3. cuboid bone
4. navicular bone
5. medial cuneiform bone
6. intermediate cuneiform bone
7. lateral cuneiform bone
8. metatarsal bones
9. phalanges
10. hallux (bid toe)

showing: "posterior view"
1. fovea capitis
2. head of the femur
3. neck of the femur
4. greater trochanter
5. body of the femur
6. intercondylar notch
7. epicondyles
8. condyles
9. intercondylar eminence
10. tibia
11. fibula
12. medial maleolus
13. lateral maleolus
14. talus calcaneus
15. lesser trochanter

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