Arteries of the lower limb

this image shows the arteries that supply the lower limb showing their origin , course and branches (from anterior and posterior view)

showing: "anterior view"
1. celiac artery
2. common hepatic artery
3. superior mesenteric artery
4. left gastric artery
5. splenic artery
6. renal artery
7. testicular/ovarian artery
8. external iliac aretry
9. inferior mesenteric artery
10. aorta
11. common iliac artery
12. internal iliac artery
13. obturator artery
14. inferior epigastric artery
15. external pudendal artery
16. medial femoral circumflex artery
17. profunda femoris artery
18. femoral artery
19. descending genicular artery
20. deep circumflex iliac artery
21. superficial epigastric artery
22. superficial circumflex iliac artery
23. profunda circumflex trunk
24. lateral femoral circumflex aretry
25. perforating arteries
26. descending branch of lateral femoral circumflex artery
27. anterior tibial artery
28. perforating branch of peroneal artery
29. dorsalis pedis artery
30. peroneal artery

showing: "posterior view"
1. superior gluteal artery
2. inferior gluteal artery
3. perforating arteries
4. femoral artery
5. superior lateral genicular artery
6. superior medial genicular artery
7. inferior lateral genicular artery
8. inferior medial genicular artery
9. tibioperoneal trunk
10. popliteal artery
11. anterior tibial artery
12. posterior tibial artery
13. peroneal artery
14. lateral planter artery
15. medial planter artery

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