Nerves of the lower limb anatomy

this image shows the nerves of the lower limb showing their course , relation , branches and distribution (from anterior view)

showing: "numbers"

1. hepatic plexus
2. L1 nerve
3. L2 nerve
4. iliohypogastric nerve
5. ilioinguinal nerve
6. sympathetic trunk

pelvis and perineum:
7. L5 nerve
8. obturator nerve
9. lumbosacral trunk
10. S1 nerve
11. S3 nerve
12. sympathetic trunk
13. sciatic nerve
14. posterior femoral cutaneous nerve
15. inferior gluteal nerve
16. S5 nerve

lower limb
17. femoral nerve
18. muscular nerve (branch from femoral nerve)
19. femoral artery and vein
20. anterior branch of obturator nerve
21. posterior branch of obturator nerve
22. inferior cluneal nerves

showing:" on the image"
1. great saphenous vein
2. cutaneous branches of obturator nerve
3. saphenous nerve
4. posterior femoral cutaneous nerve
5. common peroneal nerve
6. muscular branches of tibial nerve
7. infrapatellar branches of saphenous nerve
8. medial sural cutaneous nerve
9. lateral sural cutaneous nerve
10. tibia bone
11. deep peroneal nerve
12. superficial peroneal nerve
13. medial calcaneal branches
14. common digital nerves
15. dorsal digital nerves
16. proper digital nerves
17. tibial nerves
18. sural nerve
19. posterior tibial artery and vein
20. lateral planter nerves
21. medial planter nerves
22. lateral femoral cutaneous branches
23. muscular branches of femoral nerve
24. anterior cutaneous branch of femoral nerve
25. articular branches of femoral nerve
26. common fibular (peroneal ) nerve
27. superficial branch of peroneal nerve
28. deep branch of peroneal nerve
29. fibula bone
30. anterior (deep)peroneal nerve
31. lateral dorsal cutaneous branch of sural nerve
32. medial dorsal cutaneous branch of sural nerve
33. intermediate dorsal cutaneous branch of sural nerve
34. deep branch of lateral planter nerve

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