Stomach anatomy

this image shows the anatomy of the stomach showing its main features and this images we see the wall of the stomach being removed from the anterior portion to display the contents of the stomach from inside.the wall is also sectioned in order to display the main layers forming the wall of the stomach

1. Fundus of the stomach
2. Body of the stomach
3. Left gastroepiploic vessels
4. Oblique muscle layer overlying the mucosa
5. Greater curvature of the stomach (lateral surface)
6. Rugae of the stomach ( the folds and grooves in the inner surface of the stomach wall)
7. anterior surface of the stomach
8. Esophagus
9. Cardiac area of the stomach
10. Longitudinal muscle layer of the wall of the stomach
11. Circular muscle layer of the wall of the stomach
12. Lesser curvatures of the stomach (medial surface)
13. Pylorus of the stomach
14. Pyloric sphincter
15. Duodenum

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