Heart anatomy

This image shows the anatomy of the heart from internal view showing the different structures and features of the heart

1. Brachiocephalic artery
2. Right brachiocephalic vein
3. Superior vena cava
4. Pulmonary trunk
5. Left coronary artery
6. Right atrium
7. Membranous septum
8. valve of inferior vena cava
9. Tricuspid valve
10. Inferoseptal segment of left ventricle
11. Chordae tendinae
12. Papillary muscles
13. Apical septal segment of left ventricle
14. Left common carotid artery
15. Left subclavian artery
16. Left brachiocephalic vein
17. Aortic arch
18. Left pulmonary artery
19. Left atrial appendage
20. Aortic valve
21. Anterobasal segment of left ventricle
22. Mitral valve
23. Left ventricle
24. Interventricular septum
25. Anterolateral segment of left ventricle
26. Papillary muscles
27. Apical segment of left ventricle
28. Apex of the heart

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