Major vessels of upper limb

this diagram shows the major vessels of the upper limb (arteries and veins)
on the right the main veins of the left arm
on the left the main arteries of the right arm

showing: "arteries"
1. aorta
2. common carotid artery
3. superior thyroid artery
4. lingual artery
5. facial artery
6. external carotid artery
7. internal carotid artery
8. vertebral artery
9. subclavian artery
10. thyrocervical artery
11. costocervical artery
12. thoracoacromial aretry
13. subscapular artery
14. axillary artery
15. ant. and post. circumflex humeral artery
16. brachial artery
17. deep branch of brachial artery
18. ulnar artery
19. interossous artery
20. radial artery

showing: "venous"
1. cephalic vein
2. median vein
3. basilic vein
4. medial cubital vein (the main vein for IV)
5. brachial vein
6. axillary vein
7. subclavian vein
8. external jugular vein
9. internal jugular vein
10. vertebral vein
11. brachiocephalic vein

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