Pharynx anatomy

this is posterior view of the muscles of the pharynx ( which is just the beginning of both the trachea and esophagus)
1. pharyngobasilar fascia
2. accessory muscle bundle
3. digastric m.
4. stylopharyngeus m.
5. stylohoid m.
6. medial pterygoid m.
7. epiglottis
8. aryepiglottic fold
9. cuneiform tubercle
10. int. branch of superior laryngeal nerve
11. inf.pharyngeal constrictor m.
12. trans. and oblique arytenoid m.
13. post coricoarytenoid m.
14. longitudinal esophageal m.
15. circular m. of the esophagus
16. pharyngeal aponeurosis
17. thyroid membrane
18. pharyngoepiglottic fold
19. stylopharyngeous m.
20. middle pharyngeal constrictor m.
21. palatopharygeus m.
22. uvula
23. levator palati m.
24. salpingopharyngeus m.
25. superior pharyngeal constrictor m.

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