Anterior Skeleton (skeletal system)

this image shows the skeleton system of our body (the bones that forms and supports our body)

1. frontal bone of the skull
2. temporal bone of the skull
3. sternum
4. costal cartilages
5. xiphoid process of the sternum
6. floating ribs
7. lumbar vertebrae
8. nasal bone of the skull
9. orbital bone of the skull
10. maxilla of thew skull
11. mandible bone
12. cervical vertebrae
13. clavicle
14. true ribs
15. humerus
16. false ribs
17. radius
18. ulna
19. carpal bones
20. phalanges of the fingers
21. pubic symphysis of the hib bones
22. metatarsals bones
23. phalanges of the toes
24. talus bone
25. fibula
26. tibia
27. patella (knee)
28. femur bone
29. ischium of the hib bone
30. pubis of the hib bone
31. coccyx of the vertebral column
32. ilium of the hib bone
33. lumbar vertebrae

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