Base of the skull. Upper surface

detailed image of the superior view for the base of the skull
(ant. ,middle, and posterior cranial fossa with their structures and most important features)
1. groove for superior sagital sinus
2. groove for ant. meningeal vessels
3. foramen caecum
4. crista gali
5. slit for nasociliary nerve
6. groove for nasociliary nerve
7. ant. ethmoidal foramen
8. orifices for olfactory nerve
9. posterior ethmoidal foramen
10. ethmoidal spine
11. olfactory grooves
12. optic foramen
13. chiasmatic groove
14. tuberculum sellae
15. an. clinoid process
16. middle clinoid prrocess
17. post. clinoid process
18. groove for abducent nerve
19. foramen lacerum
20. orifice for carotid canal
21. depression for semilunar ganglion
22. internal acoustic meatus
23. slit for dura matter
24. groove for superior petrosal sinus
25. jugular foramen
26. hypoglossal canal
27. aquoeductus vestibuli
28. condyloid foramen
29. foramen magnum
30. mastoid foramen
31. post. meningeal grooves

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