Circulation -- Venous (circulatory system)

Your veins carry blood back toward the heart. Tiny vessels called capillaries in organs and tissues of the body deliver deoxygenated blood into small veins called venules, which join to form veins. Blood flows through the veins to the body's two main veins (called the vena cavae), which deliver the blood back into the heart.

1. superficial temporal vein
2. fascial vein
3. internal jugular vein
4. superior vena cava
5. hepatic vein
6. external jugular vein
7. subclavian vein
8. brachiocephalic vein
9. axillary vein
10. brachial vein
11. cephalic vein
12. basilic vein
13. median cubital vein
14. medial anteriobrachial veins
15. renal vein
16. gonadal vein
17. inferior vena cava
18. common iliac vein
19. internal iliac vein
20. external iliac vein
21. superficial venous palmar arch
22. deep femoral vein
23. femoral vein
24. great saphenous vein
25. popliteal vein
26. small saphenous vein
27. anterior tibial vein
28. posterior tibial vein
29. dorsal venous arch

AMAs Current Procedural Terminology, Revised 1998 Edition. CPT is a trademark of the American Medical Association.

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