Female pelvic anatomy

this image shows the details of the female pelvis showing the pelvic organs in relation to each other

1. suspensory ligament of the ovary
2. external iliac artery
3. external ilac vein
4. rectus abdominus muscle
5. subcutaneous fat
6. fallopian tube
7. proper ovarian ligament
8. round ligament
9. uterine lining
10. body of the uterus
11. urinary bladder
12. pubic symphysis
13. urethra
14. clitoris
15. vagina
16. labia minoris
17. labia majoris
18. 5th lumbar vertebra
19. intervertebral disc
20. ureter
21. sacrum
22. spinal cord
23. ovary
24. uterosacral ligament
25. cervix
26. posterior vaginal fornix
27. anterior vaginal fornix
28. rectum
29. urogenital diaphragm
30. anus

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