Female pelvic anatomy

this image is a horizontal section in a female pelvis shows the different pelvic organs and structures in relation to each other

1. iliacus muscle
2. sartorius muscle
3. rectus femoris muscle
4. tensor fascia lata muscle
5. vastus lateralis muscle
6. hip joint
7. neck of femur
8. tendon of psoas muscle
9. obturator externus muscle
10. bursa deep to obturator internus muscle
11. ischial tuberosity
12. gluteus maximus muscle
13. obturator internus muscle
14. rectum
15. anococcygeal ligament
16. rectouterine pouch
17. vagina
18. levator ani musle
19. ischiorectal fossa
20. internal pudendal vessels
21. pudendal nerve
22. sciatic nerve
23. posterior femoral cutaneous nerve
24. inferior gluteal artery
25. inferior gluteal artery
26. femoral nerve
27. deep femoral artery
28. femoral artery
29. obturator nerve and vessls
30. femoral vein
31. symphysis pubis
32. bladder
33. pubis
34. superior pubic ligament
35. retropubic space
36. pectineus muscle

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zrianFriday, November 18, 2011

I suffer from the disease in the back in the pool

sujonMonday, April 18, 2011


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