Muscles -- Front View (muscular system)

Each of your muscles is made up of thousands of thin, long, cylindrical cells called muscle fibers. The muscle fibers' highly specialized structure enables the muscles to relax and contract to produce movement. Muscles vary greatly in their shape and size, depending on their function.

1. sternocleiomastoid muscle
2. omohyoid muscle
3. sternohyoid muscle
4. trapezius muscle
5. deltoid muscle
6. pectoralis major muscle
7. latissimus dorsi muscle
8. serratus anterior muscle
9. oblique external muscle
10. rectus abdominus muscle
11. biceps muscle
12. brachialis muscle
13. brachioradialis muscle
14. pronator teres muscle
15. flexor carpiradialis muscle
16. palmaris longus muscle
17. flexor digitorum superficialis muscle
18. flexor carpiulnaris muscle
19. pectinate muscle
20. aduuctor longus muscle
21. adductor magnus muscle
22. gracilis muscle
23. sartorius muscle
24. rectus femoris muscle
25. vastus medialis muscle
26. vastus lateralis muscle
27. vastus frontalis muscle
28. qudriceps muscle
29. peroneus longus muscle
30. tibialis anterior muscle
31. gastrocnemius muscle
32. extensor digitorum longus muscle
33. soleus muscle

Source: AMAs Current Procedural Terminology, Revised 1998 Edition. CPT is a trademark of the American Medical Association

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ravinder singhWednesday, January 26, 2011

m so comfort by reading this even than book of atlas

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