Muscles -- Side View (muscular system)

this image shows the muscles of our body and displays them on both male and female diagram

1. trapezius muscle
2. deltoid muscle
3. biceps muscle
4. latissimus dorsi muscle
5. extensor muscles of the hand
6. semitendinous muscle
7. vastus laterralis muscle
8. femoral rectus muscle
9. peroneus longus muscle
10. anterior tibial muscle
11. soleus muscle
12. sternocleiomastoid muscle
13. pectoralis major muscle
14. serratus anterior muscle
15. external oblique muscle
16. thenar muscle
17. rectus abdominus muscle
18. tensor fascia lata
19. gluteus maximus muscle
20. sartorius muscle
21. qudriceps muscle
22. biceps femoris (hamstring) muscles
23. gastrocnemius muscle
24. tendocalcaneus tendon (achiles tendon)

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