Skeleton -- Side View (skeletal system)

this image shows the skeleton of our body (the bones that forms and supports our body)

1. cranium
2. atlas vertebra
3. axis vertebra
4. clavicle
5. thoracic vertebra
6. humerus
7. pelvic bone
8. lumbar vertebra
9. cervical vertebra
10. radius bone
11. ulna bone
12. scaphoid bone
13. metacarpal bones
14. phalanges of the fingers
15. saddle joint of the thumb
16. sacral vertebrae
17. coccys vertebra
18. head of femur
19. femur bone
20. patella
21. tibia bone
22. fibula bone
23. metatarsal-phalangeal joint
24. calcaneus bone

Illustration provided by: Rolin Graphics

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