Spinal nerve anatomy

this image is a cut section in the spinal cord showing the spinal nerve emerging from it

showing: (a)
1. spine of the ebidura
2. epidural space
3. dura matter
4. arachnoid space
5. subarachnoid space
6. pia matter
7. intervertebral foramen
8. denticulate ligament
9. body of the vertebra
10. spinal cord
11. sympathetic ganglion
12. gray ramus communications
13. white ramus communications
14. ventral root
15. meningeal branch
16. ventral ramus
17. dorsal ramus
18. dorsal root ganglion
19. dorsal root

showing: (b)
1. cell body of motor neuron
2. ventral root
3. spinal nerve
4. central canal
5. dorsal root ganglion
6. cell body of sensory neuron
7. dorsal root
8. posterior median sulcus
9. gray commisure
10. posterior column
11. lateral column
12. anterior column
13. post. horn
14. lateral horn.
15. ant. horn
16. ant. median sulcus

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