Upper limb anatomy 2

this image shows the different structures of the upper limb (muscles , tendons ,arteries.....) focusing on the anterior aspect of the upper limb

1. trapezius muscle
2. clavicle bone
3. subclavius muscle
4. axillary artery
5. pectoralis minor muscle
6. brachial plexus
8. pectoralis major muscle
9. brachial artery
10. median nerve
11. ulnar nerve
13. tendon of biceps brachii muscle
15. flexor digitorum superficialis muscle
17. flexor retinaculum
18. abductor digiti minimi muscle
20. extensor carpi ulnaris muscle
21. flexor carpi ulnaris muscle
26. brachialis muscle
31. thoracodorsal nerve
32. subscapularis muscle
33. medial margin of scapula
34. coracobrachialis muscle
35. flexor digitorum profundus muscle
36. dorsal branch of ulnar nerve
37. ulna bone
38. olecranon process of ulna bone
39. inferior collateral ulnar artery
40. humerus bone
41. triceps brachii muscle
42. radial nerve

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