Vestibualr nerve anatomy

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1. Vestibular nerve, divided at its entrance into the medulla oblongata.
2. Cochlear nerve.
3. Accessory nucleus of acoustic nerve.
4. Tuberculum acusticum.
5. Efferent fibers of accessory nucleus.
6. Efferent fibers of tuberculum acusticum, forming the striae medullares, with 6’, their direct bundle going to the superior olivary nucleus of the same side; 6’’, their decussating bundles going to the superior olivary nucleus of the opposite side.
7. Superior olivary nucleus.
8. Trapezoid body.
9. Trapezoid nucleus.
10. Central acoustic tract (lateral lemniscus).
11. Raphι.
12. Cerebrospinal fasciculus.
13. Fourth ventricle.
14. Inferior peduncle.

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