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What is Medicaid?

   Medicaid refers to a particular joint program that is dually sponsored by both the State government and the Federal Government in the United States. This is a state sponsored Alabama Health Insurance coverage program that pays for all the long term care services and distinct medical services for pregnant women and children from the low economic backgrounds. This Alabama Health Insurance Plan also provides assistance to a few of the people who are under the watch of Medicare. These may include hospital and nursing home residents as well as disabled individuals.

   However, in order to be covered by this program, all the individuals need to meet a few of the requirements as well as have a minimum income, which is a requirement for the eligibility parameter. These are,

   For Children: For all those children who are between the age group of 1 to 5 years, they receive a 133% aid as part of the Federal Poverty Level. On the other hand, children between the age group of 6 to 19 years receive an aid of 100% as per the directions of the Federal Poverty Level.

   For Pregnant Women and newborn infants: Pregnant women receive a 175% of the Federal Poverty Level while infants between the age group of zero months to 1 year get a 133% of the Federal Poverty Level mentioned.

   Parents in the population: Parents in general who are not working anywhere get a 13% of the Federal Poverty Level while the working parents get 19%.

   Other groups of the population: This category includes individuals who receive a supplement security income. These individuals get a total of 74% of the mentioned Federal Poverty Level.

Services that are covered within Medicaid

   The Medicaid Alabama Health Insurance covers the following categories of medical treatments and procedures. Take a look:

Dental care
Eye care
Family planning
Prescription drugs
Renal dialysis
Visits to doctors and other medical professionals
Hearing care and check ups
Home health
Sanatorium and rest room facilities
Inpatient and outpatient hospital care
Laboratory and x-ray
Nursing home
Prescription drugs
Renal dialysis
Transplants and associated treatments
Transportation costs
Maternity and post delivery stay at the nursing home or hospital
Mental health and addiction treatment
Nurse midwife
Well-child visits

The Co-Payment structure in case of Medicaid

   The co payments for this particular health care coverage plan range from a mere 50 cents to $3 at the most for all the official hands. The rates are also the same for the prescription drugs as well. On the other hand for every in patient stay at the hospital the patients are supposed to pay $50. However, no co payments are charged by this unique healthcare program if the individual in question is below 18 years of age or is pregnant. Co payments are also not calculated if the individual lives in a nursing home or a hospital or are receiving family planning services.

   However, this particular alabama health insurance is provided to them only if they do not have insurance at all or are under insured. To know more about alabama health insurance, please visit our website.

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