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   In 1997, the Congress amended the Social Security Act for paving the way for the SCHIP, State Children’s Health Insurance Program. The aim of the program is to extend Missouri health insurance coverage to kids from families, the income of which exceed the eligibility criteria of Medicaid. These are the people who are not able to afford private coverage for health insurance. In 2007, the state of Missouri redefined their Medicaid program into the Missouri HealthNet that offers health care to eligible candidates.

   As a part of the transition, the Missouri health insurance plan, Missouri HealthNet for Kids helped provide health care amenities for children who qualify for the Medicaid as well as for the uninsured children under the SCHIP low income program. What are the eligibility requirements? In case you need to be eligible for the HealthNet for Kids, the child should be aged less than 19 years of age, and should apply for a social security number.

   More than that, the kid should be a citizen of the US or an eligible non citizen. A kid who is born in the US is a US citizen, and should be qualified for the Missouri health insurance HealthNet for Kids, irrespective of the citizenship of the parents. Other than that, the income of the kids’ family should be in accordance with the income specifications that have been laid down by the Missouri HealthNet for Kids for participation.

Are there any Specifications for Income?

   The Medicaid aspect of the Missouri HealthNet for Kids extends health care coverage for kids irrespective of the status as to whether they are uninsured or insured. The only criteria is that the net monthly income should not be more than 185% of the federal poverty level FPL for kids aged below a year, or about 133% of FPL for kids aged from a year to 5 years, or about 100% of the FPL for kids who are aged between 6 years and 18 years. Other than that, if you are uninsured as a kid, and the gross monthly income of your family is not 150% of the FPL, you can qualify for the Missouri HealthNet for Kids.

Eligibility Guidelines for SCHIP

   If you are an uninsured kid, and have a family earning that is above the income guidelines for the Medicaid part of the Missouri HealthNet for Kids, you may be considered as eligible for participating in the SCHIP part of the Missouri HealthNet for Kids. The program covers kids who have a gross family income that is above 150% of the FPL, but not more than 300%. The child should also have been uninsured for a period of 6 months without the family’s total earning being within $250000.

   Premiums: When it comes to the SCHIP premiums, it is paid by those who take part in the SCHIP aspect of the Missouri HealthNet for Kids on a monthly basis. This is an amount that is paid according to the income and size of the family members.

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