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   Missouri health insurance is primarily provided by the Missouri Department of Insurance that is primarily responsible for regulating the different kinds of health insurance policies that are available in the state. In case you are looking for health insurance plans and programs, you can actually come across a host of Missouri health insurance programs that are licensed in the region. It is easy to register for these sites as you can very well contact them as their necessary details are furnished. In case there is a dispute with the claims of the insurance policy with your medical insurer, you are free to file a complaint with the Missouri Department of Insurance.

   There is a downloadable form available at the web site for locating your complaints and mailing them to the respective authorities. The Department of Labor also extends Missouri health insurance policies especially if you receive insurance from your job. Job based health insurance is provided and extended by the EBSA or Employee Benefits Security Administration of the US Department of Labor. The work of this department is to create as well as enforce the rules that are required to be followed by your employer while they are offering coverage for medical insurance to the employees.

   In such an event, your employer cannot distinguish a single employee for excluding them from a particular health insurance plan in Missouri, on the basis of the fact that they or their dependents have an expensive illness. Again on the other hand, if your business employs more than 20 employers, you are likely to be offered the COBRA continuation coverage in the event that you lose the job. The work of the EBSA therefore is to ensure that all the parameters are met so that your rights are protected and prevented from being breached.

   If there are anxieties regarding the practices of your employer, while they are regulating your professional health coverage, you can easily get in touch with your local EBSA office.

Missouri Individual Health Policies

You can purchase individual health insurance policies in Missouri, but then the insurers are free to reject your application on grounds of not providing coverage for the status of your health. Despite that, you are liable to qualify as a HIPAA eligible prospect on the following grounds:

   If you had had a minimum of 18 months’ continual creditable coverage the final date of which had been under a group insurance plan

   You had completed all of your COBRA continuation coverage benefits that had been made available

   If you are eligible for HIPAA, you get the guaranteed right to purchase the health insurance you want through the Health Insurance Pool of Missouri. In case of any doubts regarding the fact as to whether you are HIPAA eligible or not, have a word with your agent or approach the Missouri Department of Insurance. The Missouri Health Insurance Pool MHIP covers individuals unable to obtain individual health insurance. The poor and depressed can obtain their health insurance through Medicaid.

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