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   Most of the adult American citizens receive a standard health insurance from either their own employers or that of their spouses. Nonetheless, a large scale survey carried out by the United Health Foundation back in 2006 did reveal the fact that about 16% of the total adult American population is not insured in terms of health. Only 60% of the Americans enjoy a health insurance provided by the employer while another 26% who have a Medicaid. The rest of the populace has some kind of personal New York Health Insurance Policy.

   A lot of the people who are not insured have to actually manage without the health insurance coverage as they seem to have a pre-existing condition which is not considerable for a cover. These people are considered as high risk factors by most of the insurance companies and hence are not found eligible for a New York Health Insurance. Most of these people who have pre-existing medical conditions actually find it immensely tough to gather a suitable health insurance policy in case they cannot fully depend on the employer-based health insurance plan. Hence they are left with very few options for health insurance plans that too available at a very high cost.

   Unfortunately, sometimes such individuals are also termed as un-insurable and the only option that they are left with is to obtain coverage via a high risk pool that is organized by the state. These are specially planned strategies to provide New York Health Insurance to all such individuals who are not able to get a proper insurance thanks to a pre-existing medical condition. At present there are 34 states in the United Sates of America that run such high risk pools.

   The high risk pools basically create a pool of individuals who are finding it rather hard to obtain a proper health insurance policy. It is made possible for each and every member in the group to get health insurance coverage through the program that is sponsored by the state. But then these are available at a higher rate than the rate at which people without pre-existing conditions can get to avail these. The members are given the choice to pick between HMO, FFS and PPO plans. Each of the plans has variant degrees of flexibility to offer. This is decided upon the basis of how each individual manages his or her health care issues.

   In this context, what should also be mentioned is a few of the disadvantages that these kind of high risk pools for health care insurance policies have. First and foremost, these are a bit too expensive and in addition the members might also be required to plan twice of what a normal individual without a pre-exiting condition might need to for an insurance plan. Some of the high risk pools also have an exclusion period for all the pre-existing conditions which can be from 6 months to a total 1 year. So the members would be required to wait for this period before they can be considered eligible to make a claim fro the various medical costs.

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