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   In the current economic situation,it is mad to think of going without health insurance.Texas health insurance is not privately affordable for a lot of people.This is where the state sponsored Medicaid plan comes in.It is a government program that is meant to address the health care requirements of people who are in need of it,but cannot afford the same.In a bid to provide support for this segment of the population,a lot of Texans resort to the Medicaid program,if they are eligible for certain requirements.

   In fact,you can even get free Texas health insurance for which you need to apply for such a policy.You should also receive acceptance for the program for being entitled to certain kinds of health benefits. However,before applying for Texas health insurance,you need to see whether you actually qualify for the plan.There are 2 ways of doing this.You need to log on to the official web site of Your Texas Benefits and click on ‘Complete Screening’.Following the mentioned directions will help you to complete the questionnaire and after that is done you need to check for the result for free health care.

   In case your internet is not working, you can check the advantages offered by Health and Human Services Commission by visiting the place and finding out if you are eligible for the plan.There might just be an HHSC Benefits Office located in your area and if you are disabled,sick or lack adequate means of transport,you can speak with an HHSC official or have them visit your home.

   Once the eligibility status has been established, you are required to get an online application packet with the Your Texas Benefits portal or you may request for sending in a copy of the application packet for thorough review. After going through the packet,check out the documents that are required for proving that you are eligible for the plan.The application packet will give you a complete listing of the documents that are required for the health insurance benefits.Get all the required paraphernalia together for substantiating as necessary documentation and get them photocopied.

Medicaid Application

   If you want free health care in Texas through your health insurance scheme,all you need to do is get a Medicaid application and fill it up. You may even apply directly through Your Texas Benefits.If you are not doing it through Your Texas Benefits,get a hard copy of the website’s application form printed out.You may even fill in the application over the telephone or in person by getting in touch with HHSC.Get the completed application photocopied and submit that online or through the fax,by post,over the phone or personally.

   After that, you need to wait for the decision.If your application has been approved, you will get to know about the benefits you’re entitled to.You will also know how to use the program for your medical benefits.

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