Knee joint Antero-Posterior View

This is a X-Ray image of the Knee showing the Knee from antero-posterior view

Showing :
1. Shaft of Femur
2. Base of Patella
3. Patella
4. Apex of Patella
5. Patellar Surface
6. Lateral Epicondyle
7. Intercondylar Fossa
8. Femoro-Tibial Joint
9. Groove for popliteus
10. Lateral condyle
11. Lateral intercondylar Tubercle
12. Posterior intercondylar area
13. Anterior intercondylar area
14. Apex of the Head
15. Tibio-Fibular Joint
16. Head and Neck of Fibula
17. Tibial Tuberosity
18. Fibula Bone
19. Tibia Bone
20. Medial condyle
21. Medial intercondylar Tubercle
22. Medial Epicondyle
23. Femero-Patellar Joint
24. Adductor Tubercle

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