Brain MRI - Temporal

This image shows a transverse section of the brain at the level of the temporal lobes using MRI technique (notice that the bone here is black in contrast to CT in which the bone is white)
This technique shows the details of thee soft tissue like the brain in this image
This image shows the Gyri and Sulci of the brain at this level ( the gyrus is an elevation or a loop in the brain tissue and the sulcus is the groove in the brain tissue in between these gyrii)

1. Straight Gyrus
2. Sylvian fissure
3. Superior temporal gyrus
4. Middle temporal gyrus
5. Parieto-occipital sulcus
6. Cingulate gyrus
7. Corpus callosum
8. Internal cerebral vein
9. Third ventricle
10. Massa intermedia
11. Anterior commisure
12. Anterior cerebral artery
13. Orbital gyrus

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