Skull X-Ray Lateral View

This is an X-Ray image of the Skull taken from a Lateral View showing the Skull From the Side.

1. Mastoid air cells
2. Ear rods
3. Anterior Border of Head Positioner
4. Posterior Clinoid Process
5. Anterior Clinoid Process
6. Sella turcica
7. Floor of Anterior cranial Vault
8. Frontal Sinus
9. Orbit
10. Ethmoid Sinus
11. Sphenoid Sinus
12. Psoterior Wall of Maxillary Sinus
13. Pterygo-maxillary Fissure
14. Pterygoid Plates
15. Zygoma
16. Maxillary Sinus
17. Hard Plate
18. Floor of Maxillary Sinus
19. Developing Maxillary third Molar
20. Ramus of Mandible
21. Nasopharyngeal Air Space
22. Soft Palate
23. Oropharyngeal Air Space
24. Developing Mandibular third Molar
25. Amalgam Restoration
26. Inferior Border of Mandible
27. Hyoid Bone
28. Body of Forth Cervical Vertebrae
29.posterior Tubercle of Atlas
30. Earing

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