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Training site for anaesthetists, offering practice examination questions and online tutorials.
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More Websites Under Category: Medical links directory Anesthesiology

Azzazi Anesthesia

An Egyptian community of Anesthesia. It includes a blog for Anesthesia named by Anesthesia Wall and more. Azzazi Anesthesia is funded by Dr. Hesham El-Azzazi

Category:  Anesthesiology

GASNet Anesthesiology

Global Anesthesiology Server Network

Category:  Anesthesiology

Virtual Anaesthesia Textbook, The

Presents notes, abstracts, societies, research, and discussion of professional, patient, and scientific issues.

Category:  Anesthesiology

Swiss Anaesthesia Server

Includes information on anaesthesia and intensive care.

Category:  Anesthesiology

Offers information for the anesthesiologist assistant profession including education links, job resources, book recommendations, message board, and more.

Category:  Anesthesiology


Provides resources for anesthesiologists with articles relating to local and general anaesthetic, slides, and video clips from AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals.

Category:  Anesthesiology

Mexican Anesthesiology Network

Site for acquire anesthesia topics and publishing.

Category:  Anesthesiology

Irish Anaesthetic Exams

Training site for the Irish FCARCSI examinations, both primary and final. Provides practical exam advice and practice questions.

Category:  Anesthesiology

UK Society for Intravenous Anaesthesia, The (SIVA UK)

Information, education, and debate.

Category:  Anesthesiology


An interactive web site dedicated to helping the patient preparing for surgery understand the experience of anesthesia.

Category:  Anesthesiology

Austrian Anesthesia Server

For anaesthetists, anesthesia-related themes, scientific information and links.

Category:  Anesthesiology

ASA Closed Claims Project

Category:  Anesthesiology

Mining Co: Anesthesiology

For public and professional education with links, chat, bulletin board, and newsletter.

Category:  Anesthesiology

Utopian Surgery

Offering arguments against anaesthesia in surgery, dentistry, and childbirth.

Category:  Anesthesiology

International Congress of Anesthesiology and Reanimatology

Respiratory Support on the Edge of the 21st Century. September 18-20, 2001. Also in Russian.

Category:  Anesthesiology

Gulf Atlantic Anesthesiology Resident's Research Conference

Features conference information, sponsorship information, and registration process. April 27-29, 2001.

Category:  Anesthesiology

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