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DNA Testing

Genelex is a privately held corporation providing comprehensive DNA testing services that enhance the health and safety of society.

Category:  Genetic

HGH Releaser Pill GenFX

Guides on the use of Human Growth Hormone pill indicating its medical advantages and relevant health applications as a supplement for pituitary gland development.

Category:  Genetic

MedlinePlus: Genetic Testing/Counseling

General information, screening, research, directories, journals, and other resources.

Category:  Genetic

Genetic Counseling Resources

Links to associations, genetic counselors, and information for individuals and families with genetic conditions.

Category:  Genetic

HGP: Genetic Counseling

Information from the Human Genome Project including overview, career opportunities, articles, and resources.

Category:  Genetic

KidsHealth: Genetic Counseling

Information about how genetic counseling is used, as well as related resources.

Category:  Genetic

Understanding Gene Testing

Covers gene testing, benefits, risks, options, and other information.

Category:  Genetic

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