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Provides heart related resources for doctors including recent articles, discussion forums, and the latest news.
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Hearing device


The SoundBite™ Hearing System is a new type of bone conduction prosthetic hearing device that requires no surgery & is virtually invisible. This clinically proven hearing device is designed for patients who suffer from single sided deafness.

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The Heart: An Online Exploration


Examines the complexities of the heart's development and structure, as well as blood flow, and the general workings of the circulatory system. Also includes a section on heart health.

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Collaboration between the American College of Cardiology Foundation and Elsevier to provide comprehensive online cardiovascular information and educational resources.

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Online resource for cardiothoracic surgeons. Includes information on professional and humanitarian organizations, journals, conferences, and discussion forums.

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Offers cardiovascular resources for international HCPs with cardiology information, cardiovascular medicine news, an online journals. Provided by AstraZeneca.

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Gross Physiology of the Cardiovascular System


Global overview of the mechanical function of the cardiovascular system including the factors governing cardiac output.

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Cardiology Explained


Cardiology and heart disease information and definitions presented by Robert Matthews, MD. Includes flash animation of heart functions, as well as links to information on heart disorders.

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Lipids Online


Cardiovascular educational resources for health professionals. Includes slide library, presentations, and commentaries on research.

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National Lipid Education Council's cholesterol management resource for healthcare professionals. Provides information on atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease risk factors, and clinical trials involving lipid modification therapy.

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The Beat Goes On: A History of Cardiology


Online guide to the history of cardiology and heart disease. Find out about early pacemakers and other old-fashioned cardiology treatments and surgeries. From the University of Iowa Medical Museum.

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Chest Pain Perspectives


Diagnostic strategies being incorporated to cost-effectively manage patients while minimizing the impact on available resources, both human and material.

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Online resource for cardiologists, and other heart specialists. Includes information on heart education, calendar of upcoming events, publications, and organizations.

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PDA Coil Registry


Intended for pediatric cardiologists to share info about a new therapy for children with heart disease. Summary data are presented, and cardiologists have the option to submit online data.

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Provides a specialized search engine for cardiac disorders and problems. Also includes a section of commonly searched terms.

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Cardiology Home Page


Provides information on heart disease and investigational procedures. Also includes a section of images, a drug library, and links to other sites.

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Provides news and educational resources for cardiologists and healthcare professionals. Includes the latest articles, a resource center, and discussion forum.

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Apollo Lipids


Offers online information and continuing medical education programs concerning dyslipidemia and cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment.

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Discusses the role of endothelin (ET), the third major neurohormonal pathway, in cardiopulmonary diseases such as pulmonary arterial hypertension and heart failure.

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Links to cardiology associations and databases.

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