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CD Antigens Made Mockingly Simple


Flowcharts for lymphomas and leukemias.

Category:  Hematology

PBS: Red Gold


Companion site to the four-part TV series delving into the facts and myths about human blood and its impact on our world.

Category:  Hematology

Blood Cells and the CBC


Guide to normal human blood cells and the complete blood count.

Category:  Hematology



Online information resource for hematologists, oncologists, pathologists, researchers, and patients. Includes original reviews, forums, and many many links to other valuable sites.

Category:  Hematology

Atlas of Haematology


Offers photographs depicting microscopic images of cells in the peripheral blood and the bone marrow with descriptions (in English and Polish).

Category:  Hematology

Atlas of Hematology


Carries a library of images showing the morphology of blood cells.

Category:  Hematology

Flash Med Review: Hematology


Medical education resource with facts about hematology in a question and answer format.

Category:  Hematology

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