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Health is a choice.... lets make it together!

We take the time to evaluate the unique challenges of every individual. This is done to custom program health regimens. We educate about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It's never too early (or late) to set good habits in motion. These, combined with regular checkups can ensure a lifetime of smiles. EHEAL.ORG and AneonHealth (partnership) are focused on new methods of health education, geared toward children in urban areas. We believe by educating at an elementary level - visiting schools and community centers, issues such as childhood obesity and diabetes can be controlled. This will pave the road for a healthier society, as a healthy child will grow into a healthy adult. This education will passed on into future gener

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Teenage Drug Abuse

Previdence Behavioral Risk Management methods are setting new standards to Assess, Manage and Monitor individuals who exhibit Behavioral Risk (including suicide, violence, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual deviance and more).

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